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As an Ordained Missioner, Ian Mobsby has to raise a proportion of his own salary (currently 50% this year, and from Sept 2008 this increases to 75%). Accordingly, Ian Mobsby writes books and has to charge for speaking to cover the costs of his work.

Topics that Ian can speak about
Ian has spoken about the following areas at training and other events:

Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church
- Why do we need them?
- What are Emerging & Fresh Expressions?
- How to start an Emerging/Fresh Expression of Church?
- How to sustain an Emerging/Fresh Expression of Church?

A Trinitarian & Communion Ecclesiology of the Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church
- How are Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church authentically Church?
- How are some Emerging & Fresh Expressions Anglican?
- How does a Trinitarian & Communion model of Church assist Emerging/Fresh expressions of church to be mission?
- What are some of the emerging ecclesiologies & theologies coming out of the interface between new missionary movements and contemporary culture?

Contemporary Culture
- Understanding the new global form of new-mysticism that is emerging out of cultures affected by advances in information technology and consumerism.
- Understanding the new flows of trade and spirituality arising out of globalisation
- Understanding the psychological and social changes in 21st century culture
- Understanding the new world views arising out of the 21st century
- Understanding the missional challenge for the church in the post-industrial western world
- Understanding the spiritual democratising and re-sacramentalising forces being driven by contemporary culture in the search for the sacred in the secular and profane.

The Place of Contemporary Expressions of Art
- Understanding the place of learning and communication through experience in contemporary culture & the shift to an artistic post-word discourse
- Understanding the power of art as metaphor, as spiritual encounter through a theology of the imagination
- Understanding the place of the contemporary arts as a resource in the engagement of mission
- The use of contemporary art as mission events to engage with challenge and spiritual journey with those you have no relationship with.

New Monasticism
- Understanding the strength of a missional model drawing on alternative worship and new monasticism?
- What is new monasticism and how does it aid being a missional church in the 21st century?
- How does New Monasticism offer a model that can hold the needs of spiritual searchers without dumbing down on the faith?
- What is the place for developing a spiritual rhythm of life in a culture of new mysticism or spiritual tourism
- Exploring how to shift people from being spiritual tourists to co-travelling Christian pilgrims

Speaking in the United Kingdom & Northern Europe
Ian is available to speak at events throughout the year.  When speaking on his own, the donation fee for events is usually around £150 a day (£70 a half day or evening), depending on demands of the work and the size of the group.  For events where Ian needs to draw on the assistance of one of the Moot community professional artists, film makers or theologians for support in training events this donation fee will increase to between £300-£400 a day, (£200 a half day or evening).  In addition to the fee, travel expenses will need to be covered. To explore possible speaking engagements please do email Ian Mobsby as below.

Speaking outside of the United Kingdom
Ian completes regular speaking abroad for at least a month once a year.  Currently he is seeking speaking engagements in the US in May/June 2009.  He is also seeking speaking engagements in New Zealand and Australia in March 2009.    The Fee for this is currently being explored given the rise in flight costs, and to be negotiated.  To explore possible speaking engagements please do email Ian Mobsby as below.

Speaking tour March 2009
Ian Mobsby is seeking paid invitations for a tour drawing on his work and the work of Tim Dendy, film maker & creative - one of the leaders of the Moot Community, particularly through the use of creative arts in worship and mission.

March 2009 - Australia & New Zealand
May/June 2009 - USA & Canada

Subjects: We are happy to talk to any of the above discussion or teaching topics, and to address particular issues if these are known in advance.

Costs: to be negotiated

Inclusion of books: Both books by Ian Mobsby can be sold.  Orders can be made by event organisers where you can make a profit but take the risk of books not sold, or Ian Mobsby can order and send books, where Moot takes the risk of unsold books and sales are added to the donation fee.  If you are wanting to order books yourself at a discounted rate so that you take on the risk but make a profit towards the donation fee, then do Ian Mobsby about this as below.

Contacting Ian Mobsby

UK 020 3239 6350
International: 0044 20 3239 6350




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